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october 18, 2022 october 20, 2022

research summit 2022 -尊龙凯时登录

location: virtual

the global research community gathered on october 18–20, 2022 to discuss advances that could empower people in new ways and positively impact our world. we explored some of the most pressing questions facing our research community and sparked conversations around how to ensure new technologies could have the broadest possible benefit for humanity.

what’s next for technology and humanity?

explore the pressing research questions driving this year’s research summit and get an overview of the event tracks and sessions.


presentations and discussions on a new paradigm for scientific discovery, emerging foundations for planet-scale computing, and the future of human health.

research summit 2022 - discovery plenary - emerging foundations for planet-scale computing

what transformational impact can deep learning have on the way we practice science?

research summit 2022 - computing foundations plenary - emerging foundations for planet-scale computing

what technology breakthroughs do we need to create the cloud of the future?

research summit 2022 - health plenary - the future of human health

how can research empower medical practitioners and reduce inequities in healthcare?

tracks and sessions

research summit 2022 included six tracks of thought-provoking sessions presented over three days.

research summit 2022 -resilience track - enabling a resilient and sustainable world

how can we build our capacity to anticipate, absorb, and adapt to disruptions in society?

research summit 2022 - computing foundations track - efficient and large-scale ai

how can we advance ai in ways that empower more people more of the time?

research summit 2022 - empowerment track - amplifying human productivity and creativity

how can technology help us achieve our aims in life and work in meaningful ways?

research summit 2022 - computing foundations track - future of the cloud

as the cloud grows in importance to our society, what innovations are necessary to ensure it can meet our future needs?

research summit 2022 - trust track - building user trust through privacy, identity, and responsible ai

what role can research play in understanding and building trust in technology?

research summit 2022 - health track - precision health – from discovery to delivery

what advancements and innovations are necessary to deliver effective care and reduce health inequities?

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